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ISSN: 1385-2256

Editor-in-Chief: J. Stafford; P. Carter

Publisher: Springer

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Website: http://link.springer.com/journal/11119

Precision Agriculture promotes the most innovative results coming from the research in the field of precision agriculture. There are many topics in the field of precision agriculture; therefore the topics that are addressed include but are not limited to:  

within-field natural resources variability, including soil and crop variability and characteristics; 

managing variability, including sampling techniques and methods, nutrient and crop protection chemicals recommendation and crop quality;

engineering technology, focusing on sensor systems, computational techniques, positioning systems and control systems for site-specific application;  

adoption and economics of precision agriculture management;  

environmental coverage including sediments, leaching, runoff and drainage related to within-field spatial variability.

If you consider submitting your researches to  Precision Agriculture, please send your manuscript in an original editable file (.doc, .pdf) to the email: elodie.tronche@springer.com.

For more information about submission: http://www.springer.com/life+sciences/agriculture/journal/11119.

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