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About EJournal

Ejournal.net is a world-leading provider who gathers information of the world’s top journals in all sorts of fields and covers a wide variety of scientific topics, including computer science, IT, communication, engineering, material, humanity, history, chemistry, biology and environment and so on. Ejournal.net aims to provide a dependable and convenient platform for researchers, practitioners, and professionals to search the most fitting journals for them to publish cutting-edge researches in a most efficient and quickest manner.
Ejournal.net provides information of the world’s most famous journals, SCI and Scopus indexed journals from the most popular publishers, such as IEEE Transactions, Springer, and Elsevier, to help the researchers to cite valuable references from dependable resources and choose the most suitable journal to publish their researches. Ejournal.net also collects journals from other considerably small publishers but with big potential, to meet the publishing requirement of different researchers.
Ejournal.net welcomes you to recommend good journals to us, to promote the journals globally and absorb potential submissions from all over the world, to forge new relationships from journals and researchers.

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