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Instructions for Recommendation

Ejournal.net welcomes you to recommend good journals to us, to promote the journals globally and absorb potential submissions from all over the world, to forge new relationships from journals and researchers. Journals indexed by SCI, EI or Scopus, etc, from the most popular publishers, such as IEEE Transactions, Springer, and Elsevier, are available for recommendation. Journals from other considerably small publishers but with big potential, to meet the publishing requirement of different researchers are also welcome.

You can recommend the journal(s) for the following reasons ( but not limited to):
  •  I have referred to this journal(s) frequently for new research articles related to my work.
  • I have been referring my students to this journal(s) regularly to assist their studies.
  • My assessment of this journal's content and direction is very high. Its acquisition will add to the Ejournal.net's success in fulfilling department, faculty and student needs.
  • I am a member of the journal's editorial board. I support it strongly and use it regularly in my work.
  •  I will regularly recommend articles to colleagues and students. I am the author/editor/contributor to this journal.

Please provide some information about the the journal(s) for recommendation, such as the name of journal, the website, the publisher, the ISSN, indexing service, impact foctor, aims and scope, submission website and so on.

To recommend a journal, please send the email to contact@ejournal.net.

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