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ISSN: 0308-521X

Editor-in-Chief: S. Dogliotti, C.F. Nicholson, D. Rodriguez, F. Penning de Vries

Publisher: Elsevier B.V.

Impact Foctor: 2.453

Abstracting/Indexing: AGRICOLA, Agricultural Engineering Abstracts, Biology & Environmental Sciences, Elsevier BIOBASE, etc.


Agricultural Systems is an international journal that deals with interactions, among the components of agricultural systems, among hierarchical levels of agricultural systems, between agricultural and other land use systems, and between agricultural systems and their natural, social and economic environments.

The scope includes the development and application of systems analysis methodologies in the following areas:
  • Systems approaches in the sustainable intensification of agriculture; pathways for sustainable intensification; crop-livestock integration; farm-level resource allocation; quantification of benefits and trade-offs at farm to landscape levels; integrative, participatory and dynamicmodelling approaches for qualitative and quantitative assessments of agricultural systems and decision making;
  • The interactions between agricultural and non-agricultural landscapes; the multiple services of agricultural systems; food securityand the environment;
  • Global change and adaptation science; transformational adaptations as driven by changes in climate, policy, values and attitudes influencing the design of farming systems;
  • Development and application of farming systems design tools and methods for impact, scenario and case study analysis; managing the complexities of dynamic agricultural systems; innovation systems and multi stakeholder arrangements that support or promote change and (or) inform policy decisions.
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