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ISSN: 0032-0889

Editor-in-Chief: Michael R. Blatt

Publisher: American Society of Plant Biologists

Impact Foctor: 6.841

Abstracting/Indexing: Science Citation Index, etc.


Established in 1926, Plant Physiology is an international journal devoted to physiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, biophysics, and environmental biology of plants. Plant Physiology is one of the world's oldest and most well-respected plant science journals.

Plant Physiology is an international journal that publishes on the broadest aspects of plant biology. The journal welcomes original submissions that offer new and fundamental insights into the origins, development, and function of plants from the molecular to the whole organism and its interactions within the biotic and abiotic environment. Plant Physiology encourages submissions that span a range of technologies, including those of structural, molecular, and cellular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioenergetics, genetics, physiology, and field-based approaches as well as those making use of synthetic, bioinformatics, and -omics tools. Manuscripts submitted to Plant Physiology must not be under simultaneous consideration or have been published elsewhere, either in part or in whole. Prior publication on preprint servers, as a poster abstract or an oral presentation is not considered previous publication of the research.

A Plant Physiology article should not:
 •  be purely descriptive in content
 •  present confirmatory, preliminary, or incomplete research
 •  report on well-known processes in another species

All submissions to the journal must be submitted online at

For more information about submission:

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