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ISSN: 2301-3672

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Saji Baby

Publisher: EJournal

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Abstracting/Indexing: Google Scholar, Engineering & Technology Digital Library and Electronic Journals Digital Library


Journal of Life Sciences and Technologies aims to publish original, previously unpublished, research, survey and tutorial papers, plus case studies and short research notes, on both applied and theoretical aspects which covers, but not limited to, the following scope:

Biological and Life Sciences
Medical and Veterinary Sciences
Biological and Biomedical Sciences 
Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
Biology and neuroscience 
Biological Sciences (Botany, Forestry, Cell Biology, Marine Biology, Zoology) 
Genetics and Human Genetics
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering
Computational Biology 
Systems Biology
Bioscience Engineering
Genetics and Human Genetics 
Food Engineering 
Nutritional Sciences
Physiology and Biology 
Health Sciences
Pharmaceutical Science

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