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ISSN: 1535-9476

Editor-in-Chief: Burlingame, Alma

Publisher: American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Impact Foctor: 7.254

Abstracting/Indexing: Medline, PubMed, Index Medicus, the Science Citation Index, Current Contents - Life Sciences, Scopus, BIOSIS Previews, Web of Knowledge and the Chemical Abstracts Service


The scope of the journal, reflected in its title, is purposefully broad. It will be open to contributions that describe the structural and functional properties of proteins and their expression, particularly with respect to developmental time courses. Emphasis will be placed on determining how the presence or absence of proteins affect biological responses, and how the interaction of proteins with germane cellular partners allows them to function. Thus, the focus clearly will be on both structural and functional aspects of proteins. However, as noted, technological advances have an important role in a field that is still being developed and significant advances in methodology will be deemed to be appropriate subject matter too.

The inclusion of array technologies that measure changes in mRNA levels (as opposed to other arrays) can be viewed as the interface between genomics and proteomics. However, the important predictive value of this information with respect to subsequent changes in expression of the proteins themselves suggests that this area of investigation also falls within the proposed scope of the journal.

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