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ISSN: 0079-6786

Editor-in-Chief: M. Subramanian

Publisher: Elsevier B.V.

Impact Foctor: 6.600

Abstracting/Indexing: Science Citation Index, MSCI, SCISEARCH, etc.


Progress in Solid State Chemistry presents a chemical view of the solid stateby providing up-to-date critical reviews written by acknowledged authorities in the field. It also publishes surveys of research progress and specialized articles devoted to summarizing particular recent developments. The aim is to address the need brought about by the literature on the chemistry of the solid state being widely dispersed, making it difficult to obtain a broad and unified assessment of the present state of knowledge. Special emphasis is given to relating physical properties and structural chemistry. Whereas structural chemistry at one time was concerned mostly with perfect solids, most activity focused upon understanding of solid properties focuses on imperfections. Entities such as vacancies, dislocations, and positive holes, which have no independent existence outside the solid itself, are of prime importance in modern solid state chemistry.

The reviews published in Progress in Solid State Chemistry emphasize critical evaluation of the field, along with indications of current problems and future directions. Papers are not intended to be bibliographic in nature but rather to inform a broad range of readers in an inherently multidisciplinary field by providing expert treatises oriented both towards specialists in different areas of the solid state and towards nonspecialists. The authorship is international, and the subject matter will be of interest to chemists, materials scientists, physicists, metallurgists, crystallographers, ceramists, and engineers interested in the solid state.

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