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ISSN: 1943-0620

Editor-in-Chief: Ori Gerstel, Patrick Iannone

Publisher: the Optical Society

Impact Foctor: 2.064

Abstracting/Indexing: Science Citation Index expanded, etc.


The scope of the Journal includes advances in the state-of-the-art of optical communications and networks. Both theoretical contributions (including new techniques, concepts, and analyses) and practical contributions (including system experiments and prototypes, and new applications) are encouraged. Specifically, the following is a nonexclusive list of subarea of interests:
  • Enabling technologies and their applications in optical networks
  • Architecture and design of fiber-based optical networks
  • Architecture and design of free space and hybrid optical networks
  • Architecture and implementation of the "Optical Internet"
  • Survivability, reliability, and security of optical networks
  • Techniques and algorithms for wavelength routing and assignment, traffic grooming, and determination of regeneration requirements
  • Transparency and all-optical networks
  • Signaling and information models for network control and management
  • Architecture, protocols, and algorithms for dynamic optical networks
  • Operations support systems for optical networks
  • Performance modeling, economic modeling, and simulations of optical networks
  • Network applications of advanced optoelectronic circuits and optical signal processing
  • Network applications and control/management of emerging optical sub-systems and systems
  • Impact of quantum communication and computing on the future of optical networks, and quantum key distribution over fiber-optic networks
  • Recent progress in multi-disciplinary "Last Mile" access technologies
  • Recent progress in wireless-wireline interface and its impact on optical networking architecture
  • Impact of advanced DSL technologies on Fiber-to-the-Home architectures, deployment, and economics
  • Impact of new technologies and architectures on global standards

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