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ISSN: 0888-3270

Editor-in-Chief: J. E. Mottershead

Publisher: Elsevier B.V.

Impact Foctor: 2.465

Abstracting/Indexing: Science Citation Index, Applied Mechanics Reviews, Current Contents/Engineering, Computing & Technology, etc.


Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP) is an interdisciplinary journal in Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering with the purpose of reporting scientific advancements of the highest quality arising from new techniques in sensing, instrumentation, signal processing, modelling and control of dynamic systems. MSSP papers are expected to make a demonstrable original contribution to engineering knowledge, which should be significant in terms of advancement over established methods. Especially sought are papers that include both theoretical and experimental aspects, or that include experimental material of high relevance to practical applications.

MSSP is a leader in its field and research areas covered include:

 1. Actuation, Sensing and Control 
  • Vibration & noise control
  • Travelling waves
  • Smart–material systems
  • Piezoelectrics
  • Adaptivity
  • Integrated systems
  • Vehicle systems

 2. Measurement & Signal Processing 
  • Signal and image processing for the understanding of mechanical systems
  • Full–field vibration/acoustic measurements
  • Instantaneous angular speed

 3. Nonlinearity
  • Nonlinear vibration problems
  • Nonlinear normal modes
  • Energy harvesting

 4. Rotating Machines, Machinery Diagnostics & SHM 
  • Diagnostics and prognostics
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Cracks in rotors
  • Bearings and gears
  • Machine learning

 5. Uncertainty 
  • Probabilistic, interval& fuzzy analysis
  • Reliability and robustness 
  • Bayesian methods

 6. Vibrations, Modal Analysis &Structures
  • Structural modelling &identification
  • Inverse problems
  • Operational modal analysis
  • Ambient vibration testing
  • Civil Engineering structures

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